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  3. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    1225 Total Level achieved 40 Agility
  4. Iphone Game

    Acne due to work stress?

    I have a college who suffers with a similar thing. When she seems to have time away from work, her acne on her face seems to settle down slightly. However working at my work can be a very stressful environment so I'm not sure what sort of factors can affect this. She's tried lots of creams & treatments but has learned she just has to embrace it! Why change you? Embrace who you are, we're all different so hell yeah!
  5. redhaired

    Acne due to work stress?

    Hi I'm working as a game developer. I work for more that 11 hours a day. After office I work from home as a freelancer. I enjoy what I'm doing. But the work pressure is so high on me. I started getting acne all over my face few weeks back. I visited this dermatology clinic in Richmond Hill and the dermatologist said it's probably due to work stress. Has anyone experienced this before? I've had high work pressure for a long time now, but this is the first time something like this is happening. Can someone tell me why this is happening?
  6. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

  7. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    75 Prayer Achieved.
  8. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    Forgot to take Screenshots. Recent levels. 72 Fletching 45 Thieving 64 Crafting.
  9. TheWanderuh

    TheWanderuh's Achievement Log

    Thanks IPhone Game, I appreciate it.
  10. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

  11. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

  12. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    Thanks to everyone whom attended the 99
  13. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

  14. Iphone Game

    TheWanderuh's Achievement Log

    Gratz on your achievements Wanderuh.
  15. TheWanderuh

    TheWanderuh's Achievement Log

    Herblore Level 90!
  16. TheWanderuh

    TheWanderuh's Achievement Log

    1st Elite Clue lol
  17. Construction Level 90! and a maxed house!
  18. As a fair few people like to use Discord, who probably aren't signed up to the forums themselves yet. Why don't we bring a Discord Chatbox to somewhere on the site along the top action bar, which either on clicking takes you to the discord link. Or takes you to a section on the forum where a chatbox for Discord is on here?
  19. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    Welcome to my Goal's & Achievement's for my account 'iPhone Game' I will be posting a list of goals below and these will be my main goal to achieve by the end of the year. Hope you look forward to seeing the progress that I make daily / Weekly / Current Stats Goals * 99 Cooking * 110 Combat * 90 Prayer * 100 Quest Points * 100 Million Account Wealth * 1500 Total Level * 70 Magic * 70 Ranged * 50 Thieving * 50 Agility * 90 Fishing * 90 Woodcutting * 70 Construction * 70 Hunter Let's get too it!
  20. Theoatrix

    Zulrah Simulator?

    This is a good idea! I can try work on this if i get the chance
  21. Theoatrix

    Combat Alt accounts

    Nice guide!
  22. Theoatrix


    very very very well done guide!
  23. Iphone Game

    Thieving pet Level 2

    A pet in about 10 actions. That's dope as fuck!
  24. Iphone Game

    My RNG May Be Turning Around!

    Nice video man! Keep it up
  25. Iphone Game

    I was lazy and stole this

    Someone please buy me a return ticket to space! Get RC and Mining done out there.
  26. Iphone Game

    OSRS Mobile- What are your plans with it?

    I plan on using this a fair amount. It'll definitely save taking my laptop to work to play when I can!
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