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    I plan on having senoritis next year (last year of college), and playing it in class and banging out thieving/wcing/fishing. What are your plans with it?
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    I plan on using this a fair amount. It'll definitely save taking my laptop to work to play when I can!
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    I'll definitely be trying to blast out some tasks or some skills when I get tired of sitting at my desk and want to lay down and relax. Laziness to the maximum.
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    Furrphy Clan Requirements - Must be a furry or must be comfortable around them - F2P and P2P all welcome! Clan Homepage: https://theoatrix.net/topic/289-furrphy/ Clan Chat Name: SS Patchy Have you been in any previous Clans(If so which)? What Timezone do you live in? Have you read and understood all of our clan rules listed on the Clan Homepage? Would you use our Discord Channel?
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    I think I will use it mostly while traveling. The sad part is I don't travel alot and I live 5 minutes away from work. Maybe nice when I travel to my parents every once in a while. Nevertheless I'm very much looking forward to osrs mobile, even bought a new phone with osrs mobile in the back of my head. Excited I will be most likely train thieving on it, maybe hunter or mining, depends on how well the right click (when banking) works for me.
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    Probably play during class. University is a total xp waste. JKJKJKJK When i go home for breaks and don't wanna lug around my desktop
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    Yep its going make the term "exp waste" obsolete. Whatever task that takes you away from the PC you can suffice with a little mobile play
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    Probably play it at my GF's while she is watching stuff on netflix.
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    Def wcing or fishiing when playing PS4 or Netflix, or even if im out with friends a little alching or flipping cant kill
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    Yeah I'm definetely going to watch netflix more with mobile and relax whilst doing skilling that kills me like agility or wc
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    It would make playing at work very tempting lol but I won’t run the risk of getting fired. I’d probably take advantage of it most when I’m out of town without my laptop or in a long plane/car ride. Would be cool to play in the shower too haha
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    OSRS Mobile- What are your plans with it?

    i think it would make flipping on GE so much easier it might also have a negative effect of the market.
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    I guess it could be a great way to let some time pass when you're waiting for a train/plane or something like that. It would just be a lot more convenient than carrying laptop around 24/7.