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  1. Elite SEAL

    What is your favorite pet in OSRS?

    Probably Zulrah
  2. Elite SEAL

    Hey there!

    Welcome Koffie Solid goals, best of luck with them =)
  3. Elite SEAL

    Rad Zephrrr's Account Goals

    Best of luck with your goals mate
  4. Elite SEAL

    Post Your Time Played

    Talk to Hans who wanders around the Lumbridge castle
  5. Ironman luck blah blah... Seriously though, nice, gz!
  6. Elite SEAL

    Didn't get the Firemaking Pet But Ill take this Instead

    Ironman luck, blah blah.... But seriously, very nice!
  7. Elite SEAL

    A Friend taught me nothing

    Nice meme! (Fuck a friend though, never liked him =))
  8. Elite SEAL

    Zulrah Simulator?

    With everyone saying that, I just have to ask if I was the only one that didn't learn zulrah rotation by rotation but rather just randomly. I just did the rotation she threw at me without even thinking about forcing her to change it in order for me to learn a specific rotation.
  9. Elite SEAL

    99 Agility

    That's insane, gz!
  10. Elite SEAL

    My goals

    Goals I've managed to achieve since the first post: mining 80/80 prayer 80/80 wc 80/80 fm 80/80 cooking 80/80 Still in progress: smithing 75/80 agility 76/80 herblore 68/80 fishing 75/80 farming 78/80 hunter 71/80
  11. Elite SEAL

    My Austrilia Trip

    All good mate, whenever you get to it =)
  12. Elite SEAL

    hi, up the top

    Hey! Glad you found your way here! =) Enjoy
  13. Elite SEAL

    20 kc btw

    ! Nice luck, enjoy!
  14. Elite SEAL

    Post Your Slayer Task

    Yeah, Catacombs but not for totems but for ancient shards.
  15. Elite SEAL

    What's that?

    (look at the chatbox)