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  1. A Friend taught me nothing

    Dont worry btw. I declined the trade, dude was so happy that he said 1000k taken before he even checked his invent. He prolly capped his pants due to joy
  2. A Friend taught me nothing

    Once again dubble click the picture to be able to read it.
  3. Basic economics

  4. Basic economics

    Quick note, if you cant read it just click the foto twice so you can zoom in on it without fucking up the resolution Thanks to Elite SEAL for helping me with this one
  5. Arvvas/Orvv

    Thanks man, new memes will be added daily as long as i can come up with new ones!
  6. Arvvas/Orvv

    Get over it you silly goose-snake
  7. Inside jobs

    Appriciated. I like memes
  8. Inside jobs

    Excuse me for my limited ms paint skills
  9. Inside jobs

    Yes it is
  10. Inside jobs