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  1. Buying Orange Flowers

    that is some odd collection
  2. Computer help

    done that, just doing some higher up kind of study on cyber serc
  3. Glad to be here

    welcome to the forum bro! if you need anything let me know!
  4. yeah, im already in the beta and it rulez! thank you for the post.
  5. Basic economics

    thank you for a great meme once again <3
  6. RAIDS II: Theatre of Blood

    The beta is out bois!! check out the new gear, nice and pink !!!
  7. I'm Darius III

    welcome to the forums bro! well if you are a big noob just ask me if you need anything!
  8. Zulrah for autists

    this helped vid helped me allot when i was first trying zulrah.
  9. Theoatrix.net App???

    theo and i have some other things to work on right now, moving hosts etc. i think he will make an app in the near future!
  10. Computer help

    Hi there, As you guys know i am the security officer here on the website, i help theo with the safety of the forums etc. So now i would love to help you guys to! If you have any questions about computer/phones just let me know. Hope to help some people!
  11. Zulrah Simulator?

    i am not sure if this is even possible or if it will be used.
  12. I won't be playing until mobile

    i would not wait until the mobile version comes out. gather some suplies etc, the prices wil go trough the roof.
  13. Arvvas/Orvv

    welcome to the forums bud! if you need anything just shoot me a pm.
  14. Lvl 3 Skillers

    I love to skill! but i dont see why i need to hinder myself to only do skilling when i can also do some combat for money.