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  1. Any f2p Money Making Tips

    plzz help i hate f2p
  2. Favourite/Least Favourite Skill?

    favorite: slayer, woodcuting worst: runecrafting, agility,
  3. [Question] Making GP.

    are you p2p now?
  4. Pre-EOC era Minigames

    is dungeniering a minigame?
  5. Why you play OSRS over RS3?

    QUESTION I A TITLE My answer? My laptop cant handle RS grafics after EoC
  6. Xp Lamp Suggestions

    agility. i #$@#$@ hate agility
  7. il be 25 on 03/25
  8. Sup

    Yea im still trying to figure stuf out
  9. Sup

    Hi, im DudeHunder I dont know how to d introduction Age: 25 Playing RuneScape for 11 years not a pro love slayer Ask more