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  1. Music

    @JordFx Thanks for the suggestion, I don't mind listening what I think was Grime, but that genre isn't for me. Sure I'll like it if it's playing but it is not something I'd listen to or I can listen to a whole album of, cool choice, Grime scene is booming. @Patrick Same with this one, his rap isn't the type of style that stimulates me. I have a weird thing where I'll listen to the start, middle and ending of songs and if it doesn't satisfy me I'm done there. I didn't mid Grannies, but that's about it with that guy. Cheers for replying dude! @Elite SEAL Aye, my guy in here with the EDEN. I really prefer lyrically music to be honest, and Movie OSTs are too overwhelming for me at times. I think I'd need specific suggestions if I were to explore it because if I get a bad first or second impression with any sort of music I usually just piss it off. Thanks for the suggestion though Sorry I'm so picky guys
  2. Fitness Thread

    Hahahahaha, best thing I've ever read. Cheers mate, will keep that in mind!
  3. Hey

    Salutations has to be one of the greatest words. Welcome kind sir.
  4. Music

    Hey guys, was just looking to explore my musical tastes a bit more from the, uh, love/depressing shit I have pumping on my Spotify. My music taste is really fucked up and weird, I think most people can relate. I really got into so many artists and discovering new music in like late 2015 and its progressed really far since. To give you a little outlook on my music (incase you can't check out the Spotify link below), I really love blackbear, EDEN or The Eden Project a whole lot (I think they're considered indie/electronic indie). Daniel Caesar, Lana del Rey, dvsn, 11:11, Russ, Khalid are my sort of chilled, lovey, slow type of music I really like, vocals and lyrics mean a tonne to me so I really like those artists - a bit of Russ' music strays from that but its cool. I've been getting into something I didn't think I would enjoy and it is more of my older brother's type of music; $uicideboy$, they just gee me the fuck up and have some cranking shit. There is a shit tonne of non-mainstream (I think) artists in there that I really enjoy; yaeji, H.E.R., Sabrina Claudio, SZA, FRITZ, JMSN, Ta-ku, and so on. Feel free to add your shit below, hopefully I can enjoy your music too and expand my playlists. Cheers kiddos. https://open.spotify.com/user/charbeln3?si=zdnKzliQTMafLqaBGlegNg Would recommend 'wish u the best' playlist for some bangers. Would recommend 'ifhybily' for some love songs and what not.
  5. Fitness Thread

    Yozah, good to see some gentlemen lifting some steel. I train - very inconsistently - with two different mates from time to time and they have very different routines. I genuinely am lifting to sadly only look good in shirts so it's pretty much upperbody for me but do not fear I do not skip legs. One of my friends likes to constantly lift heavy, doing 3 sets of 5 reps of about 80-85% of his max one rep. When I train with him I go a bit higher and do 5x5 of the compound movements, e.g. deadlift, squat, bench, overhead press. However, when I train with my other friend he goes lower, e.g. if I do 50KG bench for 5x5 I'll go to, idk say 40 for 3x8-10. I'll be honest, I prefer to do 5x5 of the compound movements, but just curious, which do you think is better or which one do you prefer if you've ever trained like that?
  6. @Pig well considering I was only five or six at the time, it was definitely my older brother/cousins/family friends that brought me into the game. I didn't really give a shit about how fast or efficient I was when I was younger, don't really care now either to be completely honest. I think lacking knowledge of the game, especially when you're a kid, is fucking amazingly fun because you get to do whatever you want without knowing you're wasting time. Once RS3 hit or like even that 'Legacy' look stage hit I couldn't be arsed to play because I didn't like the graphical updates or the new WoW like interactions with pressing 1,2,3,4, etc. I think even though I was young 2008/2009 were like the last years before I properly returned with the introduction of OSRS.
  7. Pre-EOC era Minigames

    Nah nah boys, sack bringing in new shit. Bring Castle Wars back to life baby. ... Soul Wars doesn't look too bad.
  8. Same as a few of the other boys, just turned 18, but I think I started when I was 5 or 6. Good shit being F2P for about 800 years.