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  1. Accomplishments!

    Well the other day I wanted to try a few Zammy kills, then this happened.... New accomplishment for me! If you like some of the things I post here or wanna keep up with me and my Ironman, you can find me on Instagram as well!
  2. Machinist

    Where our company is based out of is probably a part of it as well. We are out of Michigan in the US. Which Michigan is one of the more firearm tolerable states in the US. Since this project is still in the early stages a lot of our sales have come locally. By early stages I mean, we started designing our AR's just last year and we just started selling a couple months ago. But yeah, when those big name companies get out, it kinda shifts where the people are gonna go to get their firearms, thus, the smaller companies get a taste of the business. Its kinda nice.
  3. Machinist

    Oh for sure. If you're looking to be different though, you could always do a AR platform but go for the "pistol" build.
  4. Levelling up on the Forums

    I love this feature! I thank you frequently, but seriously though. A huge THANK YOU, for the time you've put into making this website and honestly, everything you do for the OSRS community man.
  5. Machinist

    Haha! I do not own one of our AR-15's, YET! I've only got a shotgun at home. But when buying a rifle, you can never go wrong with an AR-15. Just like with ANY firearm or weapon though. Be sure to go through the proper channels to get adequate training on how to use it CORRECTLY! Be safe!
  6. Monkey Madness II starting to pay off

    Nice! That makes me want to knock that quest out even more! Congrats!
  7. Machinist

    We've actually noticed a positive spike in sales, due to big stores shutting their doors on the whole AR platform.
  8. Accomplishments!

    That sucks! haha. The only luck at DK's I've had is B Ring on 4 kc. The other items I got there weren't so lucky. Still after the Seercull, Seer's ring, and Archers ring. Well and the pets of course. lol. Yeah, thats the one I really want. As well as Western Province.
  9. Accomplishments!

    Dharoks take you down? Haha. That kinda sucks! NIICE! What KC did you get the pet on?? I need to start crunching out some HARD diaries as well. I need some pray levels for the ones i really want.
  10. Pure Ess. for Early Stage Ironmen

    I noticed that getting Pure Essence on a low level or early stage ironman can be a little annoying. A few people will do some WT for some of their Essence and some people mine it. If you can get your hands on a Bone Crossbow, bolts of course (at least 1k bolts), Ava's accumulator, and at least 45-50 range. I would highly recommend going to the Catacombs of Kourend and killing Twisted Banshees from a safespot. On top of the decent amount of Essence you can get as drops, these banshees also drop alchables, battlestaffs, herbs and more! I know its not efficient at all but I personally camped these (off and on) from 45-70ish range.
  11. Accomplishments!

    My current Ironman use to be an HCIM. Died trying to finish Ardy easy diary. TB'd at Ardy lever haha!
  12. Accomplishments!

    So far on my Ironman I think my biggest accomplishment thus far has been getting my FireCape , of which I did at like 85 CB. This was 14 levels ago, so I'm looking to knock something else out. Quest cape maybe? I don't know yet. I'm currently going for the 1750 total, for the world unlock. Whats the biggest accomplishment on your Ironman? Whats next for you? Post it below!
  13. Ironman BTW

    Well awesome! Thanks Theoatrix! Thanks for everyone's support on the idea.
  14. Ironman BTW

    Maybe a section for Ironmen. I mean I guess the stuff from Ironmen can be just be posted in the respected Forum, but it was just something that came across my mind. Maybe some other people would have some ideas along the lines of Ironmen.
  15. Machinist

    They are a fantastic weapon in the right hands and sooo versatile!