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  1. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    always lookin for burnt food
  2. Discord Invite Expired

    didnt think of that, thanks!
  3. Interest in a DS2 Kit?

    Is there any interest in buying these quest kits? Also what other quests would people want kits for? Something like each glove level for Recipe for Disaster? I'd including varying potions that would help doing the quests, (prayer pots, food, stamina potions, etc.)
  4. The discord link that was put up today doesnt work
  5. One Small Meme - Quest Meme Challenge

    so THIS is where she got the idea from
  6. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    im at the GE in world 307 with the guap
  7. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    200k and its a deal
  8. Music

    Glad you liked something from him! If I think of anything else I'll add it to this thread
  9. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    garbage that i love collecting
  10. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    I'm not home right now, but when I get home I'll trade. How does 98k sound for all of the food?
  11. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    around 200k food in total sold it to someone in my cc for 2m
  12. Post Your Time Played

    could be longer
  13. Music

    I've personally been getting into someone called Maxo Kream, he's similar to some "old school" rap rhyme and rhythm wise. He's done a track with Suicideboys, and here's links for his newest album. Some of his best stuff is off of this album and I really recommend it.
  14. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    Recently sold off most of my burnt food collection for a bond. Now that I have more money, I want to build my collection back up Depending on the food I'll buy from 1-20gp each I guess. Any food will do really.
  15. Hi, my name is Patrick and I'm a boring guy Located in EST and relatively experienced, but still pretty noobish I mostly play OSRS, listen to a large variety of music, and I've recently gotten into collecting vinyl I also do discographies for lots of underground artists, so if that's your shtick, then hit me up, I'm always looking for more music If you need someone to hang out with, i'm pretty much always available so just shoot me a pm and we can do something