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  1. Feedback on ironman kickstart

    Hello! I'm currently a free to play ironman and i sometimes play this account on the side when I'm afking on my main. However, I'm planning on getting a month of membership for this account (or a bond). So I made this small quest list of quests I want to do to have a kickstart! -Natural Hostory Quiz (Varrock Museum) -Waterfall Quest -Fight Arena -Getrudes Cat (deathrunes) -Plague City -Biohazard -Merlins Crystal -The Holy Grail -The Grand Tree -Lost Tribe -Priest in Peril -Lost City -Nature Spirit -Fairytales I -Failrytales II (First part) -Druidic Ritual -Ghost Ahoy -Animal Magnestism -The Fremennik Trials -The Digsite -Recruitment Drive -Elemental Workshop I -Elemental Workshop II -Creature of Frankenstrain -The Fued -Ratcatchers -Underground Pass -Jungle Potion -Shilo Village -The freminnik Isles -Family Crest -Fighter torso DIARIES: -Ardougne Diary -Lumbridge Diary -Kandarin Diary -Varrock Diary What do you guys think? Is there a important quest missing or is there a quest I should do first before I start with another one in that list. (They are in correct order of which one I want to do first etc) Getting the skills required/items isn't a problem Feedback is appreciated!
  2. Game environment artist

    Hey! I just want to share my passion/work here since I see others doing that as well and it was really interesting to read those topics. I'm a 19 years old student based in the Netherlands who studies game art. I'm currently looking for an internship and work as a freelance artist on multiple indie games. other then that I like to make 3D models, environments and textures in my free time. If you're wondering what I make you can check my artstation here: https://www.artstation.com/anartaccount I love to talk about art, games or even better: Those two combined! So if there is any other artist on this forum or someone who also likes (game)art, I'm looking forward to your story! And I'm always open for wildy bossing if someone is interested haha.
  3. Fitness Thread

    Height: 2 meters Weight: around 80-85kg I do muscle exercises and cardio. So today I train my muscles, The next day my cardio and so on. My goal is to learn the basics of freerunning. It's just amazing how people execute movement like that and to have full control over your body. Due to some things in the past I had a lot of struggles with my body and weight. So that seems like a nice goal to go for. I've been training (serious training) for a couple of months now after losing weight over the years. I got some basics stuff down like the safety-roll and 2 vaults. So I have that going for me now.
  4. Hello reader!

    Hello,person who is reading this! My name is Bram, 19 years old lad from the Netherlands. Working as a freelance 3D environment artist/hard surface artist in various Indie games for a living. I currently study in Eindhoven. I've been playing RuneScape for a long time now on multiple accounts. it's still my favorite game after all those years. Perfect to chill out there after a busy day. Just looking for some people to maybe do some quests, bossing or just skilling and chilling together.