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  1. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Thank you!
  2. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Sorry I've been gone a few days! Gains made though!
  3. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    I am 2.5m ish off of 99 magic (150k from 97)
  4. 99 Agility

    FINALLY 6 WEEKS LATER Also 2161 total
  5. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    FINALLY!!! 99 #15 achieved Also, Starting the hunter grind now
  6. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    I have a full time job as an end user support analyst for a hospital, however, due to the nature of my work I have alot of downtime and my boss could care less if I play during my downtime as long as my work has been completed and it is not affecting the quality of my work. That being said I play for about 6 hours a day usually in my free time with still hanging out/going out with friends and also hitting the gym 6 days a week for 2 hours or so. How do I stay concentrated? I go for small goals, usually that is each week I have a level goal based off what I'm working on and I try to go for that. Maxing is my long term goal, but if that's all I think about it's going to get quite tiring to do. So I go for "95 hunter this week" or "3 magic levels" or smaller things like that. I do also go do smaller things like farming runs or occassional bossing with clan/cc memebers as well. I look at all 99's the same basically; one more skill towards my final skill goal. They are special and I have worked hard for some of them, but yes some such as cook, fletching, fm, str, and hp feel devalued because everyone has them. I will say my bank picture of them looks quite nice though. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond.
  7. Atheos Clan

    Approved. Thank you for your contribution to the community.
  8. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Just one more.... 22 hours here we go
  9. RoadTo2K (Progress Updates)

    Good luck!!! I'm working on total level achievements myself atm! If you need any help let me know!
  10. Got my Quest Point Cape!

    Congrats!!!! I personally love to quest and the story lines involved. That's a major achievement! Enjoy your cape!
  11. Why you play OSRS over RS3?

    This is why I don't play rs3
  12. Cocaine is Helping Me Stay Off Runescape

    5/7 troll better please.
  13. How to Drink Bagged Milk

    10/10 quality post Canadians and Australians have bagged milk available for purchase instead of jugs or bottles.
  14. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    THANK YOU!!! Magic Imbueing while working on agility (86 magic lunars- 2 astrals, 7 fire, 7 water (people use steam staff)) best way to get passive magic exp in the game. You can cast it every 12 seconds. It's about 20k (23k if perfect) exp an hour (which is crap for general training) but I'm doing it while doing agility so it adds up. Before that I was doing high alching at seers I started this agility grind at 92 magic about 6 weeks ago.