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  1. Lvl 3 Skillers

    Nice guide ! Will use it with my Ironman skiller. Thanks
  2. Truck Driving

    Thanks ! The big front is actually the engine. You're right, it is more safer in a head on collision ! Most of the time I haul grocery store things and sometimes I do big paper roll that weight around 31.000 Kgs.
  3. Maple Pots

    I used to collect them in RS3 so when I switch to OSRS, I decided to restart my collection
  4. Maple Pots

    Around 7m Still waiting for 5m logs to buy
  5. 20 ! Been playing since 07
  6. Truck Driving

    Hey ! At first, it’s not an easy job. Here are some tips I recommend. First, keep a long distance between the car in front of him. Look back at your truck after parking. (it’s not a shame to go and check) When you see the spot you want, pay attention to the tire path. Do a good pre-trip inspection. Never be afraid to ask for help. Every truck is different, so it will need some time to be used to it. If you have any question, feel free to ask
  7. Maple Pots

    Good start for now, still buying it to expand my collection
  8. Truck Driving

    Nice rig ! I'm driving this beauty I'm having fun driving it trought the north-east side of Canada ! Most of the time i'm hauling general goods.