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  1. Just hit 21 myself 2 weeks ago. Started before Construction and Hunter skill.
  2. This Monday i finally reached my goal since i created my account about 3 months ago, its been quite a journey and getting the cape feels damn amazing. Anyone else here that enjoy questing as much as i do?
  3. 99 RC

    Congrats, Im stuck at 60 Runecrafting (And i used every achievement diary xp lamp on it). Pretty beastly achievement!
  4. Favourite/Least Favourite Skill?

    Worst? Runecrafting.... Best? Slayer probably, tasks vary alot keeping it intresting and allowing you to train all combats
  5. Dragon slayer 2

    Just did Dragon Slayer 2 with 75 ranged this Monday and claimed my Quest Cape for the first time. At 75 Ranged the bossfights are gonna be a pain in the ass straight up. You wont hit enough to sustain in the boss fights without some luck with you to hit well. I hit so many 0s potted up at 75 with decent gear but Galvek took me 6 tries (Only died once, other 5 times ran out of food at 4th phase) The mechanics of the bosses arent that difficult tho.
  6. Most useful diaries?

    Kandarin Hard Diary is pretty damn useful, increases your Bolt Spec proc chance permanently and makes Seers Village Agility Course the best place to train agility 60-90. But most useful is definitely Varrock Medium Diaries, Grand Exchange teleport makes life so much easier tbh