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  1. Post Your Slayer Task

    Black Dragons - gonna do KBD
  2. Pegesian Gloves Concept

    No but GE Market value can change the price of things. So they do and can control the prices of things. I'm saying - thats the way the prices should be control around that area.
  3. Hey there so, Theres a poll on making Rangers Gloves new BIS for Range which I agree with. BUT - only if they do a few things first, here is my idea. Nerf Rangers Gloves so it gives +8 Range instead of +11 Make Rangers Gloves cost 3M+ Buff Pegesian Boots to +13 to +15 Make Pegesian Crystal = 31M Make Rangers Boots = 3M Pegesian Gloves = Rangers Gloves (3M) + Pegesian Crystal (31M) Make Pegesian Gloves to same as Boots (+13 to +15) Pegesian Boots = Rangers Boots (3M) + Pegesian Crystal (31M) (This concept and expand to Robin Hood Hat to make it a Rangers Hat, making that 3M then making a future Pegesian Hat/Helmet) I honestly think this is an amazing idea. Thoughts?? IDEA CREDIT : xPryd
  4. Changing Display Name

    It should do... maybe thats a moderator feature, i'll find out though buddy, what do you want to change your display name to?
  5. "Hey guys, my name's Theoatrix..." I genuinely want to hear the best of the hear impersonations, what about everyone else?
  6. Hi, I’m Celle!!

    Hello E-gril, You are mighty fine btw :^)
  7. Levelling up on the Forums

    Here is the list for everyone if you havent found it
  8. I would LOVE to see HCIM progress video from Theo, or even UIM. I like binge watching that stuff tbh.
  9. Updates on Guides

    Hey Theo, Honestly, this would take a looong time, and all that, but I would genuinely love to see an updated guide for most 1-99's that are old. Sometimes methods change but its the same, even if it is the same, just feel like some little extra things can be added. Thoughts?
  10. Changing Display Name

    Hey there @Ufmir Click your Profile dropdown box > Account Settings > Display Name (4th from bottom) > Save Enjoy the new Display name Hope this helped!
  11. [Question] Making GP.

    I'm going to invest in toadflax herb runs and i'll let you know how this goes
  12. Discord Invite Expired

    Hopefully Theo will fix soon
  13. Interest in a DS2 Kit?

    Hey there ! That sounds really cool o; I guess the kits would be for like certain resources I guess so people would be interested probably
  14. Zulrah for autists

    Zulrah looks a lot more complicated than I thought
  15. Computer help

    Nice to meet you Gritz