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  1. Fratty

    Any other frat bros out there?

    That sounds pretty cool! Yeah I met a lot of friend through my fraternity as well. Unfortunately we had to reorg when I was a senior so anytime I go back to that college I don't really involve myself with the fraternity anymore since everyone is new and its run totally different.
  2. Fratty

    My Austrilia Trip

    don't see any
  3. Fratty

    My Austrilia Trip

    should post some pics on this thread
  4. It would make playing at work very tempting lol but I won’t run the risk of getting fired. I’d probably take advantage of it most when I’m out of town without my laptop or in a long plane/car ride. Would be cool to play in the shower too haha
  5. Fratty

    I won't be playing until mobile

    But with mobile out you can play both lol. Runescape when your outside of your home and your other games when you're inside while afking Runescape on your phone
  6. Fratty

    My goals

    Oh nice man! well gives you some time to get 99 Cooking so once you get members you can get a skill cape
  7. Fratty

    Economy After Mobile Release

    Due to Runescape's popularity 10+ years ago, it has the potential to get out there. Like look how Pokemon Go turned out when it was released. Granted it won't be that big, but it did bring back a lot of older Pokemon players who haven't touch the game since they were a kid. Similar thing could happen to Runescape, just have to wait and see.
  8. Fratty

    More skilling pets!

    Yeah only way I can see them adding a pet for the buyable skills is reward it through a unique training method/skilling boss like they did with Firemaking and Herblore. A smithing skilling boss would be sick btw
  9. Fratty

    Toolbelt and Musicians

    With tons teleports and graceful + stamina pots, I don’t think OSRS needs Musicians. As for the tool belt, I could see it being an item in your inventory that can hold up to 3 tools (similar to a Rune Pouch). The way RS3 implements toolbelts would ruin the nostalgia of OSRS for always making sure to have the tool on you instead of just adding all of them to an interface that you’ll never have to touch again.
  10. Fratty


    Yeah definitely plan on some training! I’ve shot a few of my friends AR-15s and was surprised how smooth and natural they felt. Don’t think I’d get one though, I like to be different so want to get something unique. Was thinking PS90 cause I like the futuristic look and handles very well from what I’ve seen.
  11. Fratty

    1975 total level

    If you have some money you can easily train up Herblore and Crafting to get there! Goodluck man
  12. Fratty

    Topic Rules (PKs)

    Might want to edit “OSRS Tips and Tricks” to “Player Kills (PKs)” to fit the forum thread
  13. Fratty


    Oh wow that’s pretty interesting. I don’t own a gun myself but ironically this whole debate is making me want to own a gun even more lol
  14. How do you think the release of Mobile would affect the economy? Would bank standing skills (herblore, cooking, etc) become more expensive due to the easy AFK leveling? Would certain items rise/drop in price? I’m thinking Bonds would drop in price due to new players buying them easily through the app and selling them for gp. What do you think?
  15. Fratty

    Favorite & Least Favorite Pets?

    Favorite would be Callisto cub. Least favorite would be Penance Queen as well.