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  1. The most memorable moment so far in my ironman's life was getting double barrows drop today, panic teleport from the excitement and leave my 1st ahrim staff on the ground.
  2. PBL

    Dragon slayer 2

    I am currently at vorkath and the mechanics are not that hard at all, its a pretty easy fight once you learn them. The real issue, at least for this, one is his ranged attack that hits up to 30s, and he can chain them going through all your food if you are unlucky. Can't really speak for the final one but once I get to him I will be sure to leave a comment again.
  3. PBL

    Barrows luck

    The grind is going good so far. Lets go boys.
  4. PBL

    Pure Ess. for Early Stage Ironmen

    I found that the best way is to do temple trekking, its not hard and you can get alot of them/hr.