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  1. hahah yes! by far the best 10 dollars i ever spent. not gonna lie i played a shit tonne of hl2 dm after finishing the story
  2. shiiiiiet i havent played rise of nations in forever! swear those games were like a time warp, build some units all of a sudden 6 hours in... good choice on ditching lol, just toxic xp waste
  3. a little QOL for those who didn´t know

    but you see k is closer on the keyboard to the enter key, making it atleast 2kk times more efficient
  4. Age of empires is timeless! I love me some Cs: Source aswell, still have the hard copy that included half life 2 and stuff haha will cherish that. Seal get of LoL and play dota!
  5. a little QOL for those who didn´t know

    If you withdraw "1kk" coins from the bank you will withdraw 1 million. I know, game changer... thank me later