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  1. My goals

    just a quick update of where im at got membership atm for this month im trying to get as many quest done as i can
  2. Economy After Mobile Release

    i do think that the market will be more volatile. hopefully it will bring a back some people but that might drop off after a month but i say the more people the better
  3. Cost of powerfishing

    Thanks guys but you lot dont have to <3 Is there any combat require ments before i give it a go?
  4. Cost of powerfishing

    Well thats what i want to do Is slayer easy to do?
  5. Cost of powerfishing

    Well im mainly f2p but will try and do that quest when i next get membership
  6. My goals

    Most of the time yeah although getting 1 month member next month
  7. My goals

    i know just going take my time and have fun with it
  8. i think it would make flipping on GE so much easier it might also have a negative effect of the market.
  9. My goals

    i know i never really done much questing and already ran through all the f2p (still haven't done dragon slayer yet no reason why haha) so this is where im at now
  10. Cost of powerfishing

  11. Cost of powerfishing

    I know its a bit of a stupid questing How much would it cost 48 from 90 power fishing salmon/traut Just a rough guess
  12. My goals

    To get all the quest done And at least get 99 in fishing and cooking Still got a long way to go
  13. Fitness Thread

    Im 6ft 123kg I hit gym 5 days a week as i play rugby (prop) and i also compete in strongman My main goal is to get stronger and maybe a bit bigger bit on the smaller side of a strongman haha
  14. I have tryed a couple Endless online - was pritty cool but didnt put the hours in World of Warcraft - played two expansion ago Fiesta online - good for a week Guild wars/ Guild wars 2 - awesome game Realm of mad god - such a fun game Lord of the rings online - bit like wow 9 Dragons - so confusing that game Runes of magic - bit like wow That all the MMO RPG i can remember Shooters Csgo Crossfire Warrock CoD