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  1. Welcome Everyone

    Hey man nice to meet you.
  2. Hey :)

    Yeah it's a lot of fun actually I've been in hospitality as a chef/bar manager for 11 years... Can't seem to shake the industry lol.
  3. Hey :)

    Hey guys, so my in game name is aarok... I've been playing RS since the release of classic, but i've taken breaks for a couple of years here and there... i love to do bossing and slayer Erm, im 28 and a bar manager IRL.... im from the uk but i currently live in australia. I've ran and moderated a lot of forums like this one, just as a side note to theo or the admin team if any help is needed Obviously i will need to get to know the community and show people what i am like first etc, just a random side note. So... hello all ^_^!