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  1. Why you play OSRS over RS3?

    lol 100% hahaha
  2. Fitness Thread

    182cm 83kg I've never touched a weight until the start of this year, 2 months in ( went on holidays in feb ) and i feel like im making good progress. I feel like i have too much body fat percentage but im not fat, just.. flabby? so i train cardio for 30 mins every session and do weight lifting. Main goal is toning my legs and building a nice chest. Arms will follow suit with training. Changing my diet has been actually really enjoyable for myself and cooking every night.
  3. Why you play OSRS over RS3?

    There is too much going on in RS3, too many cosmetics, too many character affects. You cant really make any progress towards your unless bank youre at end game content too. They ruined RC by allowing runespan. I just remember seeing people in high level armour as a kid and you'd know they mean business. RS3 now, people just have overrides so you dont know what they have. if that makes sense. OSRS is just straight to the point and the combat system is simple but can be challenging for bosses. its just all round a better game to play casually.
  4. Favorite & Least Favorite Pets?

    Favourite is the farming pet, currently trying to get it. Least is probably the beaver or heron, theyre just a little lame.
  5. My goals

    Post some pictures so we can see your progress
  6. Favourite/Least Favourite Skill?

    Favourite skill is farming, it’s so passive to train. You can just play one hour a day and still make near maximum gains for that day. As well as making great profit from herbs. Least would have to be agility or herblore. One require a lot of attention for efficiency and the other is too damn expensive for not a lot of reward.
  7. Mining sound

    I think you don’t play with sound on, cause I’m pretty sure he is correct with the tree falling sound. I could be wrong though. What would you suggest?
  8. More skilling pets!

    I think they avoided these skilling pets cause they would essentially be ‘Buyable’ pets for the wealthy. Although I think it would be fine now, since the hype of seeing pets has died down since their release. I’d love to see a walking Pie as a cooking pet though 😂
  9. G'day!

    Hey, fellow Aussie. Haha. How’s the weather in your part?
  10. Alt account RSN name display

    Why not just have their RSN under their forum name? Since it’s primarily a RuneScape forum.