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  1. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Thanks for the in-depth answer man! Appreciate it. Sounds like a nice job, and nice boss. I also play sometimes during work, but thats no more than 1 hour per day. Small goals is key indeed, but still hard sometimes. I think it's my feeling 99 magic is a bit devalued too, because many people just high alch till 99. But proud of my fishing skillcape and hopefully many more to come. Respact for you man, keep up the good work!
  2. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Nice man! Sick goals, seems you will succeed! Do you play full-time or do you also have a job? If you don't mind me asking. How do you stay concentrated? Do you have in-game diversions aswell, like bossing for a bit or something? I know when I went for 99 fishing I was motivated. It's a cape I always wanted as a kid and it was my first hard 99. But I know my magic grind was a bit tougher to stay motivated since it wasn't my first 99 it felt less special. How about you with all those 99's?
  3. OSRS Mobile- What are your plans with it?

    I think I will use it mostly while traveling. The sad part is I don't travel alot and I live 5 minutes away from work. Maybe nice when I travel to my parents every once in a while. Nevertheless I'm very much looking forward to osrs mobile, even bought a new phone with osrs mobile in the back of my head. Excited I will be most likely train thieving on it, maybe hunter or mining, depends on how well the right click (when banking) works for me.
  4. Zulrah Simulator?

    I don't know if it's possible either, but a if a Jad simulator is possible.. I'd use this to be honest. Great idea!
  5. What is your favorite skilling method

    I love slayer, ofcourse. And I like doing motherlode mine, going to try Volcanic mine in the near future, hope it's even more fun than Motherlode. Firemaking (Wintertodt) is also very enjoyable, and Construction is very rewarding and therefor very fun to progress in.
  6. Post Your Slayer Task

    Greater demons aswell, just finished hell hounds task. I'm interested where you guys prefer to train slayer. I personally try to do my tasks in Catacombs, trying to farm some totems to get Skotos
  7. Shift click bank deposit

    Thats exactly what quality of life is right. I don't think it will do the game that much harm. It's just one click less, but so is shift drop. Though I respect your opinion, I still think it would be just a nice little addition to the game.
  8. Shift click bank deposit

    Nice, ye I would love it too. True about the EZscape part, but thats the same for shift drop actually. Maybe a option to toggle it on or off, like the shift drop option, although the whole user interface is becoming a maze because of those sort of things.
  9. Hola

    Hey Bluw! Welcome my man. My fav color is blue aswell. Have fun around here, and if you need anything let me know
  10. How do you feel about the spec orb?

    I think it's pretty handy. Pressing the F-key to go to your attack styles to see if you had any spec wasn't very hard, but it's a nice QoL thing to have.
  11. Pegesian Gloves Concept

    This whole topic is about prices? It's just supply and demand. That being said, the nerf of the gloves is a good idea. Ranged is strong enough as is at the moment.
  12. Shift click bank deposit

    Hey all, Shame QoL month is over! What I missed the other day is a shift click bank option. For example you have 1000 noted sharks in you inventory and want to deposit them all in your bank, now you have to right click and select the deposit all. What I would like to see is when you shift click you just bank them all, just like shift click means dropping outside of a bank. It's not that big of a deal, but would be just a nice quality of life thing. Let me know what you think.
  13. Favorite & Least Favorite Pets?

    I have the agil Squirrel, but I like Skotos pet the most I think. Least favorite was the pet Dark Core from the corp, but now it has the metamorphosis option to be a Corp Critter my least favorite pet is the Penance Queen pet aswell.
  14. Hello all

    Welcome to the forums man, sounds like someone I can learn alot from in the future. Enjoy the community
  15. Cost of powerfishing

    Let's buy him a bond together in that case