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  1. Welcome Everyone

    I can't believe that you didn't mention rc in any way, it's not like you
  2. I'm Darius III

    Good to see you too Seal, not sure how much I can troll here compared to the CC haha
  3. I'm Darius III

    gibe me money pls joke aside, I think I just need to find a way to get into bossing really. I just need the mindset.
  4. What is your favorite skilling method

    I really like abyss rc. I wanna say herblore too, but there's only really one viable method so....
  5. I'm Darius III

    Hey everyone, I'm Darius III, I like rc. I'm a big n00b, but I try to help out where needed. Also, Akason is a n00b. Almost as big of a n00b as I am.
  6. Noobs need Love too

    Akason just admitted to loving me <3
  7. Elite SEAL

    Would you agree with me that I'm a bigger n00b than Akason?
  8. Akason

    Akason thinks he's the biggest n00b around, but it's not true, I beat him in that regard