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  1. Burnt Food -BUYING-

    still looking for food?
  2. What is your favorite pet in OSRS?

    Chaos ele
  3. always do extra bandos kills

    WOAH great drop and even better luck with you tanking and rng GG!
  4. DKHo's Ironman progress

    Looking good, any new updates?
  5. Random GFX

    Nicee simple stuff, looks great. You rendered the images aswell?
  6. Hey guys it’s J

    Woah been playing awhile lol glad you joined
  7. Quest Order

    Very simple and easy to work with. will def use on my next account
  8. Hey there!

    Welcome to the forums, glad we've got some more ironmans
  9. Rad Zephrrr's Account Goals

    Looking good, the grind is real. What f2p quests youve got left?
  10. Barbarian Assault Teams

    I love this idea, sadly i cant understand barb assault ive watched hundreds of vids and still don't understand so this would be a good learning curve aswell if im playing with members
  11. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Decent, your close gainzzzzzz
  12. Hey there!

    Welcome great to see another switcher lol goodluck with your goals and lookout for an add
  13. What is your favorite skilling method

    A new one im doing right now is sweetcorn at cooking guild, afk and slight profit towards that cook cape
  14. Rad Zephrrr's Account Goals

    Great goals to start with I have similar ones for my current account so goodluck