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  1. RAIDS

    Theo, as a skiller that wants to do raids, it is extremely difficult to find a guide on it. I know it is some what self explanatory. However; I feel like a short 5-6 minuet video, just explaing how to ge through each room/floor, and what is needed from a plus one in raids would be beneficial for a lot of people Love, the fabulous skiller HunterLvl6<3
  2. always do extra bandos kills

    As the title says, always do extra bandos trips So, here the story goes, my cc and I, were doing a bandos trip, we were 3 hours in, and our tank and a dps died, and one left prior. It left me and one other person, and I decided to tank (never have tanked before btw) and this fucking beauty of a drop happens
  3. Looking for a bossing partner

    If you’re still looking, I’m currently in search of someone to do bandos with, add my skiller, cause I am mostly on that account Hunterlvl6, and we can discuss
  4. Bandos tank/teacher/partner

    HELLO FRIENDS! I’m jut learning how to boss, strictly bandos atm. I am looking for someone, or a trio, to teach me bandos and how to do it more effectively. Once, I get down bandos then we could continue to duo/trio it, or move onto other bosses, as long as you guys are willing to teach a noob like me. Stats: CMB 115 attack/str/def/range/mage-90+ prayer:73 (I think) LMK if you’re interested HunterLvl6:)
  5. Lvl 3 Skillers

    Ironman skulking. Impressive, I’ll try and figure somethings to add to each update that incorporate Ironman as well to help everyone out
  6. Lvl 3 Skillers

    More to come as well, I just need to figure some things out
  7. My Austrilia Trip

    okay, should be done now
  8. My Austrilia Trip

    I’m sorry, they must have not uploaded properly off my phone, I’ll have to do it through my PC when I’m home. Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. My Austrilia Trip

    Yeah, I’ll have to try it from my PC. Sorry about that, I’ve been busy IRL, but I promise I’ll re-edit the post and have them there
  10. My Austrilia Trip

    They should uploaded now
  11. My Austrilia Trip

    They should be posted now
  12. Supplies for 99 RuneCraft

    Out of curiosity, how much would that cost?
  13. Post Your FashionScape Outfits!

  14. Post Your FashionScape Outfits!

    Fashionscape... A skillers only friend
  15. Skillers