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  1. RS3, BF1, SWBF2, POE, D3, LOL, Fortnite, For Honor Quite a few but most enjoyable are probably Runescape and BF1.
  2. Most useful diaries?

    Varrock which means free membership or yeah, rs gp. Rest is your own preference. They all have their own perks and its up to you which one you want to go for in what order. Read this, might help you decide: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Achievement_Diary
  3. NOTE: wasn't really sure if this belongs under guides but I see it more of a checklist so I posted it in this section. If staff feels differently, go ahead and move this thread. First things first, this was found long time ago and I saved it as a .txt file on my old computer. I take no credits for this guide/checklist or whatever you want to call it. I'm just sharing it with you. This checklist is towards end game when you are maxed out, I've added a few things that came out recently like MM2, DS2 etc. I've been using this as skeleton for my rune pure & zerkers that I've made for the past 2 years and it's been hella useful for me at least. Now lets get into the checklist. Here are few example builds when you are maxed out: 94 Combat: 60 Attack 99 Range & Mage & Strength and Hitpoints 55 Prayer (Spirit Shield) 97 Combat: 70 Attack 99 Range & Mage & Strength and Hitpoints 55 Prayer 77 Prayer - 100 Combat 85 Prayer - Desert Elite, 101 Combat 99 Combat: 75 Attack 99 Range & Mage & Strength & Hitpoints 55 Prayer 77 Prayer - 102 Combat 85 Prayer - Desert Elite, 103 Combat 112 Combat: 99 Attack & Range & Mage & Strength and Hitpoints 99 Prayer Questing: You can and should max out at 251 Quest Points with the addition of Monkey Madness 2 and Dragon Slayer 2. This will give you the most options in terms of completionist content such as achievement diaries, and will also unlock potential future content that gets added into the game that would otherwise be locked behind the quests that you have already done. I recommend using all Combat stat XP rewards on Hitpoints, it's worth in the long run. Use all lamp rewards on runecrafting, your least favorite slow-to-train skill. ***Under no circumstances should you COMPLETE Holy Grail, Olaf's Quest (you will start this for Fremmy Diary though), or Kings Ransom. SERIOUSLY, DON'T DO IT*** Attack XP from all quests: 132,587 (1-52 Attack) Defence XP from all quests: 56,637 (1-44 Defence) Skill requirements to achieve max Quest points (251): NOTE: some skills may be boosted. 85 Combat (Dream mentor) 200 Quest Points (Dragon Slayer 2) alt 175 Quest Points to be able to do boss fight in RFD 60 Agility ( higher recommended) 50 Construction 70 Cooking 70 Crafting 40 Defence (Lunar Diplomacy) 49 Farming 50 Firemaking 50 Fletching 50 Hitpoints 57 Herblore 60 Hunter 75 Magic 68 Mining 50 Prayer 60 Ranged 50 Runecrafting 69 Slayer 70 Smithing 50 Strength 60 Thieving (higher recommended) 71 Woodcutting I Won't list out every single quest and what order you should do them in, or the reqs for each quest. Basically just skill away and set new quest goals for yourself to work towards that 251 QP mark. Remember, do EVERY you can quest *EXCEPT* Holy Grail, Olaf's Quest, and King's Ransom. Achievement Diaries: You can have the following diaries maxed out with 45 Defence depending on what you want your end-game build to look like (prayer lvl, combat level, attack level): Ardougne Elite Fremennik Elite Varrock Elite Wilderness Elite *Desert Hard (Elite if 85+ Prayer) **Lumbridge/Draynor Hard Falador Medium Kandarin Medium Mortania Medium *Western Provinces Medium (Hard & Elite if 100+ Combat) *Karamja Medium (Hard & Elite if 100+ Combat) *Can get elites depending on your plan for endgame combat & prayer level. ** One of the tasks for lumbridge hard is to collect 100 tears in Tears Of Guthix. You need ~200 Quest points or good RNG in the minigame to be able to collect 100 tears. MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE THIS TASK BEFORE DEFENCE BECOMES YOUR LOWEST STAT OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET EXPLORERS RING 3 WHICH IS REALLY NICE AND GIVES UNLIMITED DRAYNOR FARMING PATCH TELES Gear Checklist: Armadyl Godsword (if 75+ Attack) Bandos Godsword (if 75+ Attack) Saradomin Godsword (if 75+ Attack) Zamorak Godsword (if 75+ Attack) Tentacle Whip (if 75+ Attack) Abyssal Bludgeon (if 70+ Attack) Abyssal Dagger (if 70+ Attack) Abyssal Whip (if 70+ Attack) Dragon Claws Dragon Warhammer Dragon Scimitars Dragon Daggers Dragon Maces Dragon Battleaxe Dragon 2H & Halberd Granite Mauls Gilded armour + boots for the swagger Blowpipe Armadyl Crossbow Dark Bow Karil's Crossbow Ranger Boots Robin Hood Hat Favorite Blessed D'hide Chaps + Body + Boots if you don't have Rangers 3rd Age Range top + legs to be a fancy fucker (same stats as d'hide) Staff of the Dead (if 75+ Attack) Toxic Trident of the Swamp Master Wand Mage's Book Infinity Boots/Hat/Top/Bottoms + recolor kits if you prefer them 3rd Age Mage Set to be a fancy mother fucker Amulet of Torture + orn kit if you prefer Necklace of Anguish Tormented Bracelet Amulet of Fury + orn kit if you prefer Occult Necklace Ring of Suffering (i) - 650k NMZ points Ring of the Gods (i) - 650k NMZ points Berserker Ring (i) - 650k NMZ points Warrior Ring (i) - 650k NMZ points Archer Ring (i) - 650k NMZ points Seers Ring (i) - 650k NMZ points Slayer Helms (i) - multiple so you can get the recolors from KBD/KQ/Abyssal Heads - 1250k NMZ points ea Salve Amulet (ei) - Required for Ardy Elite Diary - 800k NMZ points Scrolls of Redirection - 750 NMZ points ea Ardy Cloak 4 Varrock Armour 4 Fremennik Boots 4 Wilderness Sword 4 Western Banner 2 or 4 Karamja Gloves 2 or 4 Desert Amulet 3 or 4 Explorer's Ring 3 Fally Shield 2 Morytania Legs 2 Kandarin Headgear 2 Barrows Gloves Void set + all helms (+400 extra points for elite top/bottom if you plan on getting 100+ combat) Firecape + Infernal Cape Rune Defenders Torso Fighter Hat Healer Hat Ranger Hat Runner Hat Penance Skirt Penance Boots & Gloves Crystal Bow Anchor Book of Darkness Unholy Book Book of Law Book of War Holy Book Book of Balance Halo(s) - 300 tics ea Decorative Range Top - 80 tics Decorative Range Bottoms - 60 tics Decorative Mage Hat - 40 tics Decorative Mage Top - 80 tics Decorative Mage Bottoms - 60 tics Gold Decorative Shield - 600 tics Gold Decorative Plate - 800 tics Gold Decorative Legs/Skirt - 600 tics Gold Decorative Sword - 500 tics Slayer Rings - 300 pts Herb Sack - 750 pts Upper Floor Access (MLM) - 100 nuggets Coal Bag - 100 nuggets Gem Bag - 100 nuggets Seed Box - 250 pts Gricoller's Can - 200 pts Lumberjack Outfit - RNG Farmer's Outfit - 400 pts Angler's Outfit - RNG Prospector Outfit - 180 Nuggets Rogue's Outfit (looks baller, pain in the ass to get though) - RNG Bounty Teleport Scroll - 8m pts Hunter's Honour/Rogue's Revenge - 2.5m pts Rune Pouch - 1.2m pts 100% All Zeah House Favour Favorite Graceful set recolour 6 Additional Pairs of Graceful boots, 1 in every colour
  4. First Look

    2FA/2Step Authenticator (takes 10 seconds to setup via ACP) reCaptcha V2 or Invisible reCaptcha (current v1 is unsupported hence why google is prompting users to use one of the two i mentioned) - (easy to setup via ACP) Group Color - User links are default color now for every group including staff groups, this will make it look more appealing. (IPS marketplace (free last time I checked)) Chatbox - general chatbox for the forums. (IPS Marketplace, BIM42 is free)