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  1. Started in 2003 almost 26 now .
  2. SpartaPVM requirements. Gear/Lvl Minimum: Lvl 80 Attack/Strength/Defense Lv 80 Range/80 Mage/70 Pray Barrows Gloves, Whip, BGS, Firecape, Karils Top, Guthans. Gear/Lvl Preferred: Anything over 80+ Attack/Strength/Defense Anything over 80+ Range/94 Magic for vengeance/80 pray with Rigour Augury Barrows Gloves, Bandos, Armadyl , Blowpipe , Zammy spear , Karils Top , DFS , Guthans. Application To Join SpartaPvm: How long have you been playing Runescape for? What is your combat Lvl? What Timezone are you in? Do you have any past clans? If so , please explain why you left. What is your total Level? How many Quest points do you have? Do you have Recipe for Disaster done for Barrows Gloves? Favorite Activity/Skill in game? What are your Past Names if any apply? Did you read the rules and requirements and do you understand it? Why do you want to join this clan? *All Applications will be Reviewed by Higher Ups*
  3. SpartaPVM

    Welcome to the official SpartaPvm clan thread! In SpartaPVM we aim to have a community of loyal, honest, and respectful individuals. Currently we are a clan with 30-40 members with sufficient requirements to join. Home World: 340 It's encouraged that members use this world. We Boss, We socialize, we do minigames and events. Are you looking for a family like/Friendly setting? Look no further, you have found the perfect home. We are a family. Are you looking to learn to boss? No Problem! We will be more then happy to help you with that! We all start somewhere, so its quite understandable. We will be more then patient with you. Don't have the full requirements to join ,but still want to join? No problem! We have a friend tag for a reason, All low lvl/Social players will be given that. Discord? Is a must! We use Discord for Bossing, Socializing, and to organize events. Unsure how to Join? What you must do is use the link below to apply. You must at least be 100+ Combat Lvl to Join in ranked activities. Anyone Lower then that will be given the Friendly Social tag. You MUST always be honest and follow our rules. We do have a Ranking System, Ranks are earned through exemplary efforts towards the clan. Members who do not meet the stats and/or gear requirements, will be given the friend rank until the requirements are achieved. Members with the Friend rank are able to go on bossing events with the host's permission. Members with the Friend rank will not be able to host their own events. To earn ranks members must be active within the clan, and help the clan as a whole. Ranks of Lieutenant/Captain are earned by showing outstanding efforts toward the clan. Those members will be put up to consideration for promotion. Officers shall take a vote to determine if nomination will be accepted. Current Officers: Generals: lPK (Leader) , Butt fist (Co-leader) Captains: King Bubs , A To The X3 , Dj Spite , Try lt Clan Rules: Clan Rules: Follow ALL of Jagex rules. NO Scamming will be tolerated. NO Account sharing! Results in scamming. NO Valuable item lending without collateral. NO Multi clanning. All clan members must be in the clan chat when online. Although we will occasionally have events that will be scheduled. We encourage all members to host their own events as well. The highest rank or host of any events will establish authority. Any concerns must be brought up to an officer immediately. Event Rules: Proper gear required at all times for whichever boss. ALL drops are split among all members unless arrangements are made prior to start of event. If a member dies on a boss kill, they will continue to receive the splits of any drops no matter how many kills have passed by. Highest rank or host of an event will do the split unless otherwise specified. Application thread