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  1. Favourite/Least Favourite Skill?

    I really don't mind Runecrafting at the mo aha Some days I'd rather do something else like slayer. Magic and farming's chill tho. Not a fan of mining.
  2. Xp Lamp Suggestions

    Originally used them on Runecrafting since I found it tedious up until I unlocked single Natures and I started making some decent-ish money. From now on though I'll be using them on herblore or construction I think
  3. Why you play OSRS over RS3?

    Only got introduced to OSRS about a year ago and never tried RS3 tbh! There's already so much to do in OldSchool and tons I haven't done. Idk if I'd want to start a new account and learn about all the difference systems and stuff! Prefer the art and animation style too
  4. Hola

    Pft lucky guesses clearly Wooh! Ty for the welcomes! x
  5. Hola

    Heyo I'm Bluw and I'm a nub. Live and study en España (Spain) but I'm English. Guess what my favourite colour is Nice to meet yas!