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  1. --- SETUP --- Equipment Kandarin headgear 4 - Sherlock Amulet of eternal glory - Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor Village, Al Kharid Max cape - Warriors' Guild, Crafting Guild (banking), POH (spirit tree), chinchompas (Feldip Hills), POH portals (Taverly, Pollnivneach, Rellekka, Brimhaven) if you do not have Max cape replace with Construction cape Morytania legs 4 - Burgh de Rott Fremennik sea boots 4 - Rellekka Combat bracelet - Ranging Guild Slayer ring (eternal) - Stronghold Slayer Cave, Morytania Slayer Tower Mud staff/Tome of fire - unlimited Earth, Water and Fire runes (only one Burnt page is required for the Tome of fire because non-combat spells do not use up charges) Inventory Spade Necklace of passage - Wizard's Tower, The Outpost, Eagle's Eyrie Games necklace - Burthorpe, Barbarian Outpost Skills necklace - Crafting Guild, Cooking Guild Clue scroll (medium) Xeric's talisman - Xeric's Look-out, Xeric's Glade Ring of wealth - Miscellania, Falador Park Ring of duelling - Castle Wars Quest point cape - closest Fairy Ring Music cape - next to Falo the Bard Achievement diary cape - Ardougne: Two-pints, Desert: Jarr Ardougne cloak 4 - Kandarin Monastery Master scroll book1 Kharedst's memoirs - Piscarilius Dragon dagger(p++) Stamina potion Kharyrll teleport Varrock teleport - set location to centre of Varrock Ardougne teleport Lumbridge teleport Camelot teleport - set location to Seers Village Bank Watchtower teleport - set location to centre of Yanille Law rune Rune pouch2 1. Master scroll book The only teleports you need in here are Digsite, Piscatoris and Tai Bwo Wannai Set the default teleport to Tai Bwo Wannai; there are four different clue steps at this location so it will be used more commonly than the others 2. Rune pouch --- BANKING --- Release the placeholders for all the teleports in the image above and fill up your bank with Bank fillers. Deposit inventory > withdraw 10 Eclectic impling jars > spam click the last Eclectic impling jar in your inventory until you have your Clue scroll (medium) I like to place my Clue scroll (medium) in the same inventory spot, which allows all my other teleports to be in the same spots when withdrawn - this should help with muscle memory and speed up clues in the long run. When you have your Clue scroll (medium), withdraw all the teleports that you deposited earlier. It helps to have them organised in the bank to speed up withdrawal. --- CLUE STEPS --- Set your respawn location to Falador Castle. A third-party client for ciphers, anagrams and coordinate clues should always be used. If you plan to do several Clue scroll (medium) it is highly recommended to fill up your Stash units. It is useful to bind the Emotes screen to an F key. Memorising emote positions is the best way you can speed up your clues. Below are all the clue steps possible and the most efficient way to complete them. Teleport colour coding: IIIIIIIIIIIII Equipment IIIIIIIIIIIII Inventory IIIIIIIIIIIII Spellbook IIIIIIIIIIIII Fairy ring To quickly reference this: Ctrl+F in your browser and search for the first few words on your Clue scroll (medium) For cipher & anagram clue steps search for the NPC Cipher & Anagram Cryptic Emote Coord Map