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  1. Rad Zephrrr's Account Goals

    just a little stat update & also a bank update
  2. Detrimental Loyalists Recruitment

    SmirkyStirky Accepted
  3. Hey guys it’s J

    i started back then but fell off, and just recently got back into it. welcome to the forums!
  4. Detrimental Loyalists Recruitment

    Fried_Router Accepted.
  5. Detrimental Loyalists Recruitment

    ASackOfDirt Accepted
  6. DKHo's Ironman progress

    good luck bro
  7. Hey there!

    Welcome to Theoatrix forums man!
  8. Detrimental Loyalists Recruitment

    Kurripuc Accepted.
  9. Detrimental Loyalists Recruitment

    JONAS36 Accepted
  10. Rad Zephrrr's Account Goals

    The Corsair's Curse, Misthalin Mystery, Prince Ali Rescue, Shield of Arrav, and Witch's Potion
  11. Rad Zephrrr's Account Goals

    update on my skills, also got most of my f2p quests done.
  12. Quest Order

    Nice, im definitely gonna use this when i become a member thanks mate!
  13. Forum Signatures

    Hey everyone, just wondering what the best thing is to make free and quick forum signatures, what do you guys use? Let me know!
  14. DJ Sassy's road to Maxed (2169 current)

    Crazy bro keep up the good work!
  15. Trying to make a clan guild

    Nevermind, i figured it out. The link in theoatrix's thread still sends you to the old clubs url instead of guilds.