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    DKHo's Ironman progress

  2. DKHo

    DKHo's Ironman progress

    Week two update: So back to the fishing spot, but I've finished 93 fish, and done a whole lot of questing which has got my stats all up by quite a bit. As I have exams and an assignment due in very soon i'll be here until 99 fish (and 99 thieve when I want to actually play). Slow start for now but progress is coming! (Line 781 of https://pastebin.com/u5engCfu)
  3. DKHo

    Fitness Thread

    5"4 68KG Will be putting more work in this, been very lazy lately.
  4. I'll be following Oziris' Ironman guide for now. https://twitter.com/ozirislol/status/825436481653186561?lang=en Current stats:
  5. DKHo

    Hey there!

    Hello my name is DKHo and I am a Ironman just started playing again recently Hobbies include fitness ,Smash Bros, music and good food!