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    HERO PVM 120+

    Clan Homepage: http://heropvm.enjin.com/ Clan Chat Name: Hero pvm Mandatory Gear Requirements: 100M+ in PvM Gear Barrows Gloves Fire Cape Dragon Defender Void set Rigour & Augury Mandatory Level Requirements: 120+ Combat Level 85+ Slayer 90+ Range 90+ Magic 70+ Agility 77+ Prayer 1750+ Total level: Application: RSN: Combat Level: Attack Level: Strength Level: Defence Level: Prayer level: Ranged level: Agility Level: Slayer Level: Total Level: Do you have ALL the gear requirements (y,n): Rigour AND Augury unlocked (screenshot required) (y,n): Did anyone refer you to this clan (y,n), if yes whom: Former clan & why did you leave: How experienced at PvM are you (scale 1-10): Do you have any experience at raids? What is your favourite boss? What region are you from (specify country)? Under what name are you registered on our offsite? Would you like to use our Discord server? Do you agree to help bump this thread at least once a week, if not more: Do you promise to follow the rules? Any final thoughts?
  2. joey diaz

    '/-/'~~ HERO PvM 120+ ~~'\-\'

    Hello and welcome! You have landed on the forum of one of Old School Runescape's most elite clans - Hero PvM. Founded in January 2014 Hero PvM is a prestigious clan that dates back to the beginnings of Old School. If you think you have what it takes to become a Hero and make a name for yourself, then we invite you to apply and join our band of brothers. Just be warned not everyone has what it takes to become a Hero! This is a Non-IronMan CC. We run and maintain 2 CC's, Hero PvM and Heroes Raid, our dedicated Raiding Clan chat. All rules apply to both CC's. Be sure to check out both CC's when joining! Founder: Hero Cow Clan Leaders: Hero Ozzy & Hero Fire Clan Chat: Hero PvM Home World: 353 Application Status: OPEN _______________________________________________________________________ ”•›,,¸¸”•›,,¸¸.....›,,¸¸.”•›,,¸¸.”•›,,¸¸..”•›,,¸¸........ Rules ........¸¸,,‹•”...¸¸,,‹•”.¸¸,,‹•”.¸¸,,‹.....¸¸,,‹•”¸¸,,‹•” _______________________________________________________________________ 1. We DO NOT and WILL NOT crash any other players at ANY boss except for clan warring. 2. Talking about sensitive/controversial topics will result in a temporarily kick from the CC -examples being politics, religion, diseases, racism, drugs, etc. 3. Staking talk is NOT allowed in the clan chat. This includes staking for other members within the clan. 4. Act mature and be respectful to all clan members. Flaming, offensive behavior, trolling, and excessive swearing will not be tolerated. 5. Players will receive a split if they deal damage, die, or take a short break. They won't receive split if they leave the trip. 6. PKing other Hero PvM members in the wilderness is NOT allowed. 7. Absolutely NO scamming, luring, or botting. If an individual is caught, they will be removed from the clan immediately. 8. All drops must be split with all members of the team. Remember to SCREENIE ALL DROPS. Any member caught scamming will be removed and have further action taken against them with RuneWatch. 9. Notify us if you changed your RSN by following "Name Change" on our offsite. 10. Tanks keeps 50% of 1st hilt, all Bandos boots, Steam battlestaffs, Shards. 11. We in Hero operate under a "Zero Tolerance" understanding. This means we hold the right to remove any member(s) we see fit to, at any given time. 12. NO Multi Clanning, Any member caught multi clanning will be immediately removed. 13. Jagex rules. Respect and follow them 14. KEEP THE CLAN CHAT ENGLISH LANGUAGE ONLY. If people start talking in their own languages it will be hard for our staff to monitor as the majority only speak English 15. Using "=======" is reserved for staff members only! The symbol helps us make announcements if people aren't fully reading the clan chat. 16. Any member who has not submitted a name change on the offsite will be temporarily removed (You will receive your rank back once it has been completed). _______________________________________________________________________ "›,,¸¸......›,,¸¸.”•›,,¸¸.”•›,,¸¸..”•›,,¸¸”•›,,¸¸..... Hero PvM .....¸¸,,‹•”¸¸,,‹•”...¸¸,,‹•”.¸¸,,‹•”.¸¸,,‹......¸¸,,‹" _______________________________________________________________________ In order to join us here at Hero Pvm, you will be required to pass a very particular gear check. Failure to show a staff member the correct gear will result in your application being rejected Mandatory Gear Requirements: 100M+ in PvM Gear Barrows Gloves Fire Cape Dragon Defender Void set Rigour & Augury Mandatory Level Requirements: 120+ Combat Level 85+ Slayer 90+ Range 90+ Magic 70+ Agility 77+ Prayer 1750+ Total level Gear Variations Required: (Must total 100M+ in gear, and may consist of one singular item worth 100M, or multiple totaling/exceeding 100M in value) If you are known to not be in possession of all of the gear requirements, you will be temporarily removed until you obtain them. ______________________________________________________________________ ”•›,,¸.”•›,,¸..›,,¸¸.”•›,,¸¸.”•›,,¸¸..”•›,,¸¸.... Ranks Explained ....¸¸,,‹•”...¸,,‹•”.¸¸,,‹•”.¸¸,,‹..¸,,‹•”.¸,,‹•” ______________________________________________________________________ Smiley Face You are required to meet the clan requirements and be registered on the clan website for a smiley rank. Recruit Rank (1 Banana) These guys have gotten passed smiley rank, showing loyalty and trust to other players within Hero By splitting 100m or 75m with 2 events. Corporal Rank (2 Banana) These are trusted members who have split 400m, or 300m with 6 clan events attended. Sergeant Rank (3 Banana) These are very trusted and very experienced Pvmers who have the best gear to PvM in. They have split 1b or 750m with 10 clan events attended. Lieutenant rank (Bronze Star) They are very trusted and Elite PvM'ers. They have split 1B and possess both required items (see below) and non-required items for a total of 500M gear. Staff Ranks Captain rank (Silver Star) Advanced Staff members, Event coordinators/Application Management on osrs as well as our offsite. General rank (Gold Star) Gold Stars are members who have proven themselves as worthy Clan Leaders to Hero Pvm and are responsible for the administration of staff members, the clan website, and overall environment of the clan.