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  1. Davymak

    Slay Squad - 115+ PVM Clan

    Combat Level? 120 Slayer Level? 90 Total Level? 2010 Do you have the Gear Requirements? Yes If yes, hop in "Slay Squad" cc and alert a Star rank that you've posted your application so we can check. How did you hear about about Slay Squad? I googled "115+ combat osrs clan" Biggest Achievement on your account? Zulrah pet or first fire cape How often do you plan on bossing? Everytime I get a boss task or when I feel like it. So pretty much everyday How often do you plan on skilling? I plan on skilling until I get all the requirements for elite diarys What's your favorite boss? Bandos Are you aware that posting loot splits on discord is a big part of ranking up? Yes Do you plan on being active on our discord? Yes Do you understand that being immature is only going to be addressed once before a kick? Yes Do you understand the process of obtaining ranks? Yes How much do you play? 5 hours a day Timezone? Central Standard Time What would you prefer to be called in the cc? Davy or Davymak