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  1. Hey Theo, I've had this for quite a while now and have kept it to myself for the most part. But after seeing you flip out on someone getting Rocky at level 21 thieving on your youtube homepage video (Most Useful Things for Your POH), I just had to 1 up it hahah. Also, being an ironman, thieving is a very handy skill and I've been opting against training it because I got the pet at such a low level. I'd really like to start being able to build my account further through the obvious need for training this skill so, I guess, if you do upload this then I'll feel like I can continue with thieving because the proof of this achievement is out there =) Just another little bit of fun background info... I've played Runescape on a couple of different accounts since Runescape Classic first came out, never have I received a pet, and once I decided to create my first ironman account, this happens! Love your vids mate, always very helpful. Keep it up! Cheers, Bardy