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    SpartaPVM recruitment thread

    How long have you been playing runescape for? been makin accounts for 19years What is your combat lvl? And total lvl? almost 118 with total 1633 and rising what timezone are you in? CEST ( Amsterdam) Do you have any past clans? If so, explain why you left. Yeh and i left cuz leadership stopped playim and clan turned shit How many quest points do you have? butt fist and klaus little know Favorite activity/skill ingame? bandos/fletching What are your past names if any apply? i play under the names cpt_0bvi0us or cpt_42O. And i play alt under thr name fartofwar Did you read the rules and do you understand them? yes Why do you want to join this clan? so i can chill more with ma buddy's klaus little and butt fist