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  1. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    1225 Total Level achieved 40 Agility
  2. Iphone Game

    Acne due to work stress?

    I have a college who suffers with a similar thing. When she seems to have time away from work, her acne on her face seems to settle down slightly. However working at my work can be a very stressful environment so I'm not sure what sort of factors can affect this. She's tried lots of creams & treatments but has learned she just has to embrace it! Why change you? Embrace who you are, we're all different so hell yeah!
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    iPhone's G&A

  4. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    75 Prayer Achieved.
  5. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    Forgot to take Screenshots. Recent levels. 72 Fletching 45 Thieving 64 Crafting.
  6. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

  7. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

  8. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    Thanks to everyone whom attended the 99
  9. Iphone Game

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  10. Iphone Game

    TheWanderuh's Achievement Log

    Gratz on your achievements Wanderuh.
  11. As a fair few people like to use Discord, who probably aren't signed up to the forums themselves yet. Why don't we bring a Discord Chatbox to somewhere on the site along the top action bar, which either on clicking takes you to the discord link. Or takes you to a section on the forum where a chatbox for Discord is on here?
  12. Iphone Game

    iPhone's G&A

    Welcome to my Goal's & Achievement's for my account 'iPhone Game' I will be posting a list of goals below and these will be my main goal to achieve by the end of the year. Hope you look forward to seeing the progress that I make daily / Weekly / Current Stats Goals * 99 Cooking * 110 Combat * 90 Prayer * 100 Quest Points * 100 Million Account Wealth * 1500 Total Level * 70 Magic * 70 Ranged * 50 Thieving * 50 Agility * 90 Fishing * 90 Woodcutting * 70 Construction * 70 Hunter Let's get too it!
  13. Iphone Game

    Thieving pet Level 2

    A pet in about 10 actions. That's dope as fuck!
  14. Iphone Game

    My RNG May Be Turning Around!

    Nice video man! Keep it up
  15. Iphone Game

    I was lazy and stole this

    Someone please buy me a return ticket to space! Get RC and Mining done out there.