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Recruitment Thread Layout

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Clan Name



Clan Requirements

- e.g. 90+ combat stats

- e.g. 100 combat


Clan Homepage: (paste link here, it will embed the topic)

Clan Chat Name: RSN Name



Add/change the questions.. these are examples :) 

Combat Level:


Combat Stats:
(be specific when asking for combat stats - e.g. strength level, attack level)
Skilling Stats:
(be specific when asking for skill levels)
Total Level:
Have you been in any previous Clans(If so which)?
What Timezone do you live in?

Have you read and understood all of our clan rules listed on the Clan Homepage?


Why would you like to join this clan?

Do you have any bossing experience/which bosses?
Do you meet all our Gear Requirements?


Do you have an Ornate Pool  in your POH?
Would you use our Discord Channel?
What do you think you'll be able to contribute to the clan?

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