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joey diaz


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Clan Homepage: http://heropvm.enjin.com/

Clan Chat Name: Hero pvm 


Mandatory Gear Requirements:


100M+ in PvM Gear
Barrows Gloves
Fire Cape
Dragon Defender
Void set
Rigour & Augury

Mandatory Level Requirements:


120+ Combat Level
85+ Slayer
90+ Range
90+ Magic
70+ Agility
77+ Prayer

1750+ Total level:



Combat Level:
Attack Level:
Strength Level:
Defence Level:
Prayer level:
Ranged level:
Agility Level:
Slayer Level:
Total Level:

Do you have ALL the gear requirements (y,n):
Rigour AND Augury unlocked (screenshot required) (y,n):
Did anyone refer you to this clan (y,n), if yes whom:
Former clan & why did you leave:
How experienced at PvM are you (scale 1-10):
Do you have any experience at raids?
What is your favourite boss?
What region are you from (specify country)?
Under what name are you registered on our offsite?
Would you like to use our Discord server?
Do you agree to help bump this thread at least once a week, if not more: 
Do you promise to follow the rules?
Any final thoughts?



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