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Feedback on ironman kickstart

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I'm currently a free to play ironman and i sometimes play this account on the side when I'm afking on my main. However, I'm planning on getting a month of membership for this account (or a bond).

So I made this small quest list of quests I want to do to have a kickstart!


-Natural Hostory Quiz (Varrock Museum)
-Waterfall Quest
-Fight Arena
-Getrudes Cat (deathrunes)
-Plague City
-Merlins Crystal
-The Holy Grail
-The Grand Tree
-Lost Tribe
-Priest in Peril
-Lost City
-Nature Spirit
-Fairytales I
-Failrytales II (First part)
-Druidic Ritual
-Ghost Ahoy
-Animal Magnestism
-The Fremennik Trials
-The Digsite
-Recruitment Drive
-Elemental Workshop I
-Elemental Workshop II
-Creature of Frankenstrain
-The Fued
-Underground Pass
-Jungle Potion
-Shilo Village
-The freminnik Isles
-Family Crest

-Fighter torso

-Ardougne Diary 
-Lumbridge Diary
-Kandarin Diary
-Varrock Diary


What do you guys think? Is there a important quest missing or is there a quest I should do first before I start with another one in that list. (They are in correct order of which one I want to do first etc) Getting the skills required/items isn't a problem

Feedback is appreciated! :)

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